Keyi ko Afrikan-Arts

“May we always walk in beauty allowing our light to shine, so that others may see to find their own way. For It is by the light of others that we are here.”

Ase Ase Ase - Omidiran Khali Kwodwo Keyi Ogunlade, Artist

I am an artist. This is not something that I do, but with all humility, it is who I am. While I am neither imbued with the power of Kreativity, nor the ability to create, I am a vessel through which the Spirit of Kreativity flows. It has been this way since 1987, when I held the very first bag I made. In 1990, Keyi ko Afrikan Arts was born as the umbrella which my discipline; working with leather – the art in leather and the art of leather – could flourish. The work manifests largely in the form of wearable art, including bags, hats, neck pouches, earrings, shoes and belts steeped in the Afrikan and Caribbean cultural traditions.