Shukri's Goldsmiths

“A person's selection of jewelry is a reflection of one's style. Style is a reflection of the heritage and culture the wearer wants to embrace and exhibit.”

I like to wear bracelets with Adinkra (West Africa) and Kemetic (North Africa) designs. My cufflinks usually have Adinkra symbols, with my favorite being Gye Nyame (God is Everywhere). I wish that more men and women would wear jewelry that has meaning, whether it is spiritual, cultural, emblematic, or from some other positive influence in their lives. However, style preferences not only change but differ from my travels to every state in the continental United States where a significant number of African descendants live, the Caribbean and West Africa; I incorporate the local jewelry trend into my own designs. You cannot find my designs in stores. I have lived in D.C. since 1970. In 1972, I began making brass bangles and earrings. Today, I primarily use precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, ivory and amber. Besides 14k and 18k yellow gold, I also use red, white and green gold, silver and platinum.